Thats me

Yeah Thats me

My Name is Martin…

and I am very happy that you are visiting my page. I am 35 years old photographer based near Koblenz, Germany. I love my little family, i like red wine, pasta, music and of course taking pictures.

Main reason of being a photographer for me is, to interact with people and to create content that has a value. Shooting weddings combines all these criteria.  For the most people nothing is more important in their life than the wedding day. So, being a part of this day, capturing all these special moments and creating memories 20 years later when they looking at their wedding pictures is amazing.

Apparat from the wedding photography I love to challenge myself with different styles of shootings. So I am confident that where there is a will, there is a way. Until the end of the year you will see more and more projects on this page that are not always related to weddings. I would like to show you, what I am able to deliver and hope that you like my work.

I am looking forward to get your feedback. Take the opportunity to get in contact with me, doesn’t matter if you are interested in a shooting, a project or if you want to drink a coffee and talk about life and pictures.



By the way, if you are the person, who read this and you see on the left side a nice lady… thats not me. Say hello to Dunja, a good friend of mine – dance teacher from Koblenz. In the next days I will take a picture of myself to upload it.