Why English

Why English? To reach new Audience outside of German. That easy. So, that means not that I am not interested in meeting new and old people around me, but let me come to that later.



Why I switch to English is connected to the question, why I am doing photography and why I am writing a blog on this page. And that is a more difficult question that I thought it is, because it questions everything what I did the last 4 years beside my family and work life. Journey to where I am now.

What happened so far

Taking pictures was always something what I loved to do, but in 2013 I bought my first DSLR with a cheap lens kit and it took me only couple of month to realize that this is something wat is really fascinating and  challenging me in a positive way.I recognized that not only the photography itself was, what I like. Editing pictures, meeting peoples and later on also promoting my stuff was what makes the whole thing so interesting for me. Luckily a year later, a young couple pleased me to shoot their wedding. It was a great pleasure for me and also the first chance to get some money out of it. After the first wedding, decision was taken: wedding photography would be my thing for the next years. I really love to shoot weddings, you meet new and nice people, you have the chance to go home with a wide variety of different pictures and something what was new for me,  I created a memories – a value that matters. It is amazing to know that 20 years later people will watch my pictures with a smile and good memories.

What comes next

What’s next. Now after 4 years of weddings, all what I said is still valid, but priorities changed. I have a beautiful wife and daughter and weddings are time consuming especially on weekends. Also after more than 40 weddings things starting to repeat and this is most probably the biggest issue for me. As a photographer who is not earning his money with photography motivation could be different to a professional one. Beside the weddings, I always did some small projects with nice people around me. Supporting a dance school and bands, taking pictures in a kindergarten, studio portraits and of course engagement shoots. Photography is so diversity. I decided this year to reduce the weddings, to free up some time for exactly these kind of projects.

From now on in english

From now on English. The last three years I did a lot of traveling to the US to meet friends and family but also within Europe I met a lot of people due to my Job. One thing I always enjoy while doing this is to realize how different we are. Different in terms of language, culture, lifestyle and landscape. I would like to capture exactly these diversities from now on and intensify it. Therefore it is necessary to speak a common language to enable these opportunities. My intention was always to have individual web pages for dedicated branches, this blog will be a breakup to consolidate all my pictures under one roof. I hope you like it and support this.

To sum it up:
Why I am doing photography – I like photograph memories to create value.
Why I am writing a blog  – To stay in a continuous contact with you.
Why English – to reach new people and experiences outside of Germany.



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